TradeBay - Your partner in trade

TradeBay is a global trading community. An online platform that lets buyers and sellers of fruit to connect and trade more efficiently. Our members instantly grow their network of trusted business partners, enjoy better opportunities and reach new markets - together we are enabling safer trade in a more transparent market.


Extended network

Discover new markets and get more business opportunities instantly. Spend less time on sourcing goods, producers, or buyers - we take care of this for you. All members are vetted, so we can insure that all parties are reliable and qualified trading partners.


Guaranteed payments

We insure all transactions made through us, globally. Widen your customer base and never worry about not getting paid again.


Tailored financing solutions

Whether you are a buyer, seller, or trader - we take pride in providing solutions that meet all your specific requirements, benefiting all parties.

For Buyers

Stop wasting countless hours on sourcing

Browse for goods of interest and place offers or request, negotiate the deals in real time, and keep all documentation in one place.

You can also place a listing of your own, and be notified when such a good is offered.

All suppliers are verified and keep the right certifications to insure they are reliable.

For Suppliers

TradeBay brings the buyer to you

We are your partner in finding new trusted clients, to enable you to sell your products in an efficient way and instantly reach a global network.

You may offer your products on the platform, and we make sure to connect you with the right buyers who are verified to guarantee you always get paid.

Communicate in real time and keep all documentation in one place.

How it works

1. Register

We verify all members of the marketplace before their first transaction to make sure they are qualified and reliable.

2. Start trading

Browse the marketplace and make inquiries on goods of interest, or create your own demand or offer listings.

3. Negotiate online

Negotiate deals in real-time straight on the platform and keep all your communication, agreements, and documentation in one place.

4. Tailored financing solutions

Whether you are a buyer or supplier and need help with financing, credit insurance, or factoring - TradeBay tailors a plan to fit your exact needs.

Enough scrolling, let's get started.