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Being a member of TradeBay, browsing the marketplace for new products or partners, sending or receiving offers and requests from other members, and negotiating terms of a deal is all free of charge. TradeBay only charges a smaller commission fee to the seller once a trade is completed.

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Tailored financing solutions

We take pride in tailoring the perfect solution for all of our members and offer several different financing solutions depending on your needs. As a seller on TradeBay - Sell your invoices to us and get paid immediately. Or let us pay your purchasing invoices for you, and pay us back at your convenience. Tell us what you need help with and we will propose an offer for you.

If you choose to use any of our credit services, you only pay for the credit you actually use, when you use it. We charge a 1% - 3.5% credit fee on the credit amount if and when you choose to use the service. No hidden fees or surprises.

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